WCSA President – Tim North

Tim North has been with ECOM USA, Inc. since 2009 and is the Export Manager.  He began his career in 1978 at Weil Brothers-Cotton, Inc. where was Senior Vice President.

He is President of the Western Cotton Shippers Association and a member of the International Cotton Association.  He serves on the Rules Committee and is one of ten members sitting on the Arbitration Strategy Committee for the International Cotton Association.

Tim was born in Liverpool, England.  He is married to Cassandra Blanchard and they have two children, Christopher and Charlotte.  His hobbies include marathon running, squash, playing the piano, and golf.

WCSA Board of Directors

Tim North, ECOM USA

Craig Stevens, Allenberg Cotton Company

Kevin McDermott, Jess Smith & Sons Cotton, LLC

Richard L. Clarke, III, Cargill Cotton

Stephen Harmer, Jess Smith & Sons Cotton, LLC

Ryota Karube, Toyoshima USA, Inc.

Brad Reinhart, J G Boswell

Andrew Smith, Handwerker-Winburne, Inc.

Jennifer Wakimoto Tanji, Southwest Ag Sourcing