Section I – Trading Rules

SECTION I TRADING RULES OF THE WESTERN COTTON SHIPPERS ASSOCIATION RULE 1 CONTRACTS CONTRACTS FINAL: CLAUSE 1 - A contract for the purchase and/or sale of cotton shall be deemed final at the time when the price, quality, quantity, time and place or places of delivery and all conditions and terms affecting the transaction have been agreed upon [...]

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Section II – General Rules

SECTION II GENERAL RULES RULE 1 GUARANTEED THROUGH TERMS CLAUSE 1 - Under "Guaranteed Through" terms the seller assumes all the terms of the contract under the rules and regulations of the market or landing port to which the cotton is destined, as defined in the contracts. This Rule shall not prejudice any contract terms [...]

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Section III – Rules Governing Arbitrations

SECTION III RULES GOVERNING ARBITRATIONS RULE 1 ARBITRATIONS: Should disagreement arise in matters of grade, quality, weights or fulfillment of contracts, and no satisfactory settlement be arrived at, then the matter in dispute shall be referred to the Arbitration Committee of this Association for adjustment. The following time limits for referring disagreements between contracting parties [...]

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Section IV – Non Merchant Handler Rules

SECTION IV NON-MERCHANT HANDLER RULES RULE 1 RESPONSIBILITY: CLAUSE 1 - Non-merchant handlers, whether members or not, if they trade under the Association rules, shall be subject to these Rules, Arbitrations and Appeals. CLAUSE 2 - Non-merchant handlers shall be held responsible for their mistakes. When trading, they shall keep both parties to the contract [...]

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Rules & Regulations

WESTERN COTTON SHIPPERS ASSOCIATION REVISED RULES AND REGULATIONS As Amended – August 31, 2004 RULE A ANNUAL DUES: CLAUSE 1 - The membership dues for all classes of memberships in the Association shall be levied or assessed by its members in annual meetings or by its Board of Directors between annual meetings. Annual dues shall be [...]

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WESTERN COTTON SHIPPERS ASSOCIATION BY-LAWS (Amended May 7, 2018) ARTICLE I NAME AND PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS   SECTION 1. The name of this Association is and shall be known as WESTERN COTTON SHIPPERS ASSOCIATION. SECTION 2. The principal place of business of the Association will be at Memphis, Tennessee.   ARTICLE II CLASS OF [...]

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